Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm Off

I'm off and starting my Branched Fern socks. I wanted to introduce my self. I've been knitting for a number of years and love to knit socks. It seems I always have a pair on the needles. I joined my first knit-a-long when I started knitting the Forest Path Stole. Hopefully this will be a quicker finish line, smile. I travel often and find socks the perfect airport/plane knitting. I have been wanting to knit a pair of socks with a solid color for a while. Branched Fern Socks seem like the perfect pattern for it.

The yarn I've chosen is Lang JaWoll color, not sure what the color # or name is. It is a superwash and comes with heel/toe reinforcement thread right in the center of the skien. (You reach in and pull it out before starting to knit.) It is a dark green with a golden heather thru out the fiber. I found it at my LYS, and it takes 2 skeins for a pair of socks. I do plan to use the reinforcement thread in this pair of socks (color matches better than shown). I've only knit one other pair of socks toe up. This is an unusual cast on for me. I look forward to trying it. I like the idea of toe up socks as I tend to like my cuff longer than most patterns call for. Toe up allows me to knit the cuff longer until I use up all/most of the yarn. I've tried two circular needles, but find I enjoy my double points the most and will be using 2.5mm on this pair.

I look forward to your tips and hints and seeing all of your finished socks. Happy Knitting!!

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